Saturday, August 22, 2009

An amazing sight!

It's been a busy week here. Emmeline started back to school on Wednesday--2nd grade this year. Where does time go! Mike works for a college and their students came back this week as well. I was so looking forward to a weekend where we could all catch our breath again. I was finishing up the dishes and thought the sky was looking kind of strange. As I let the dogs out, I saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen! The colors were so intense that it just glowed and it was HUGE! People were pulling their cars over to take pictures. We all just stood outside with our eyes heavenward. It sure was a nice way to end a busy week. Kind of felt like a hug from above. Thanks, God!


  1. It's hard to photograph rainbows and get the colors to show up as they really are. Your picture turned out really good!

  2. Wow What a beautiful site Mary!

  3. Have you ever read Anne Lamott? In one of her essays she talks about a day when God was in a "show-offy kind of mood." I think your rainbow was exactly what she was talking about.