Monday, September 7, 2009

We love PURPLE!

A few months ago, Beth Stitely, aka Purple Beth, presented a PURPLE program at our guild meeting. She drives a purple car, wears purple everyday, uses purple in every project...I think you get the picture! She absolutely adores purple! She brought a sampling of her rugs from her hooking career and they were absolutely gorgeous! (Sorry I don't have pictures to share.) At the end of her presentation, she issued a challenge. We were to hook a small mat to swap at our September meeting. The design could be of our choosing but an autumn theme was suggested. And you guessed it...each mat had to have purple in it!!!

Saturday was our guild meeting and 8 brave souls took Beth up on her challenge! Each mat was beautiful and went home with a proud new owner!

We had so much fun that we are going to do a winter-themed swap for our December meeting! Although the color guidelines have been relaxed, we decided that we would pull at least two purple loops in this project as well. I'll keep you posted!! Wonder what color we'll focus on next year?


  1. What a fun challenge and great little pieces.
    I like purple and plums in some pieces, it just depends on what I am making.


  2. Mary - Great picture of you all - Now is that picture of you with the one you made or the one you received?

  3. Hey Joanne-we took the picture after we swapped!! It was a lot of fun. Wish Kelley could have joined in!!

  4. Love the picture of you guys with your rugs! Hope you will post what you do with the Winter theme...